Catapano Farms

47420 Route 25 

Southold, New York 11971

(631) 765-0047

il Mercato
Sustainably grown fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers
SINCE 1986
Philosophy and History






Our farming practices are grounded in sustainability. Sustainable agriculture is generally defined as the adoption of agricultural practices that help to sustain and protect the land and other resources, and which make use of the best of modern technologies and traditional mindsets. Thus, we do not use pesticides and fungicides on our fruits and vegetable crops. Our livestock (chickens, sheep, and pigs) enjoy feeds that are non-medicated and as free from GMOs as we can ensure. We use beneficial insects, companion plantings and crop rotation to prevent pests. We also practice pasture rotation for our live stock. Finally, we produce and apply our own compost each year. Petroleum-based fertilizers and soil amendments are not welcome at our farm.


The Catapano family came to the United States from Italy in the early 1900’s, and settled in what is now Brooklyn. The first farm was located at M Street. Vegetables were grown to sell in the markets in New York City. Soon thereafter, the family moved to Hicksville, and the 2nd generation then joined operations. The family became commercial growers of annuals and perennials. By 1986, Salvatore moved his family to the eastern end of Long Island, and he established the current Catapano Farms. He continued the family tradition of growing quality annuals and perennials. In 2008, the 3rd generation took the reins of the farm. Neal and Dorothy continued the commercial growing of annuals and perennials, but diversified the farm to start producing fruits and vegetables. In 2010, chickens were added for the production of eggs and poultry. By 2011, the farm started to produce strawberries. Then, sheep became part of the farm scape in 2012. Today (2018), the 4th generation is stepping up. Daniel and his wife, Kim, are joining Neal and Dorothy at the farm. 


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